• Paint mist coagulant

    Paint mist coagulant

    Paint mist coagulant is a water treatment agent for cleaning paint in circulating water of water curtain spray booth; paint mist coagulant is a commonly used product in circulating water treatment in paint spraying industry. Paint mist coagulant can reduce the viscosity of paint in circulating water, coagulate the paint into floc and float it on the surface of circulating water; this is easy to salvage (or automatically control cleaning), thereby extending the use time of circulating water and saving water resources. The paint mist coagulant is composed of component A and component B.
  • Phosphate-free degreaser Eco-friendly Steel Oil Metal Cleaner Phosphate-free Industrial Degreaser

    Phosphate-free degreaser Eco-friendly Steel Oil Metal Cleaner Phosphate-free Industrial Degreaser

    This product adopts the latest technology and is a new concept product for degreasing. It has a unique removal effect on saponifying and non-saponifying fats by adding special organic solvents and surfactants. It can be used alone for degreasing at room temperature. It can also be directly added to the acid solution to make degreasing and descaling complete at one time, and can inhibit acid mist, prevent over-corrosion and prolong the service life of acid.

    Product advantages:
    1. It can be used alone for degreasing at room temperature, or it can be directly added to the acid solution to make degreasing and rust removal complete at one time;
    2. Reduce the tank and reduce costs.
  • Paint stripping and plasticizer  High Quality with Good Price DOP

    Paint stripping and plasticizer High Quality with Good Price DOP

    Role and Use
    Mit-ivy industry company has developed this acidic and powerful paint stripper based on the latest foreign scientific and technological achievements, which overcomes the defects of fire paint removal, alkali paint removal and manual paint shoveling which are polluting, toxic and time-consuming. This product is mainly applied to all kinds of paints, electrophoretic paint and powder paint removal, widely used in railway, shipbuilding, aviation, automotive, machinery, chemicals, wood furniture, printed iron products and other industries.
    Folding main features
    1. The product does not need to be heated, room temperature paint stripping, paint stripping speed, 1 - 20 minutes to remove the paint film;
    2. High efficiency, paint stripping rate of 95-100%;
    3. Wide range of application, Goodyear's powerful paint stripper can effectively remove all kinds of baking paint, self-drying paint and spray plastic materials;
    4. Non-corrosive to iron and steel metal, aluminum, magnesium, copper, wood, cement and other substrates.
    5. Good flame retardant performance, does not burn in case of open flame. Therefore, this product is a safe and reliable and efficient paint stripper.
    6. Simple construction, low usage, high cost performance, 4-10 square meters per kilogram of old paint layer can be removed, stable use, low volatility, low cost, little harm to human body, is a new process of paint, plastic powder removal treatment technology at home and abroad.
  • Surface treatment agent Phosphating manufacture  welcome vist

    Surface treatment agent Phosphating manufacture welcome vist

    Surface treating agent refers to the reagent used to treat the surface of a material to achieve a specific purpose, including metal surface treating agent, polytetrafluoroethylene surface treating agent and silica gel surface treating agent.
    Metal surface treatment agent refers to the metal surface for various treatment of chemical agents of the general name. Metal surface treatment including degreasing, rust removal, phosphating, rust prevention and other base pre-treatment, is for metal coating technology, metal protection technology to prepare, the quality of the base pre-treatment has a great influence on the subsequent coating preparation and the use of metal.
    PTFE surface treatment agent: In order to improve the bonding performance of PTFE and expand the application range of PTFE, the surface of PTFE treated by PTFE surface treatment agent is hydrophilic, so it can be bonded with common glue.

    Silicone rubber treatment agent is specially used for silicone rubber paste double-sided adhesive treatment agent. It is applied to high-temperature silicone rubber sheet, and then affixed to the double-sided adhesive, double-sided adhesive can be tightly affixed to the silicone rubber sheet. It is widely used in silicone rubber feet, silicone rubber jewelry and other back double-sided tape, trademarks, labels and other affixed to the silicone rubber.

  • Paint Flocculant (AB agent)

    Paint Flocculant (AB agent)

    Paint Flocculant (AB agent).
    Paint Mist Flocculant is used to extract the paint mist from the circulating water in the water curtain spraying room. The paint fog flocculant is generally divided into A, B two agents, A agent injected in the circulating water pump mouth, used to remove the viscosity of paint falling in the water, sterilization and deodorization. B agent put back into the circulating pool mouth, so that the water and paint residue separation, the residue in the water will be condensed and suspended to facilitate salvage or scraping machine in addition to slag.

    The paint fog coagulant has a certain amount of negative charge in the circulating water, but after contacting with agent A, it loses its viscosity after the charge transfer and forms unstable fine particles, after adding agent B, agent B is strongly adsorbed by agent A. Due to the long-chain reticulation polymer structure of agent B, it forms larger particles and presents floating condition, separating from the water and purifying it.
    characteristic (feature)
    1, after using the paint residue found to be non-stick and also easy to salvage.
    2, and can extend the service life of the equipment;
    3、The concentration of organic solvents in the spray booth is significantly reduced, and the working environment is improved.