HH-3302 waterborne epoxy anticorrosive paint

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Water-based industrial paints are generally divided into water-based antirust paint market common acrylic water-based antirust paint, alkyd antirust paint, epoxy water-based antirust paint, amido water-based antirust paint, phenolic aldehyde water-based antirust paint and other major categories, in terms of process, there are self-drying, baking, dip coating type several.
Waterborne paints editor
Absorbing the essence of anti-corrosion primer at home and abroad, adopting advanced technology formula, scientific design scheme, unique formula and technology with three elements of permeation, transformation and stabilization, and leading by scientific permeation transformation mechanism, it has finally overcome all the forbidden areas of water-based anti-corrosion primer, taking water as dispersion medium, using multiple anti-corrosion mechanisms such as physics and chemistry, and formulating according to chemical principles such as chemical transformation, complex and reflection. And finished. All technical indexes have reached and exceeded national and industry requirements, creating a new era of water-based antirust primer. It is the best replacement product of traditional antirust primer. Widely used in all kinds of automobiles, ships, net frame, machinery manufacturing, containers, railways, bridges, boilers, steel structure, petrochemical equipment, construction and other anti-corrosion protection, is incomparable to solvent-based paints, is in line with the development direction of green coating at home and abroad, since the market is deeply welcomed by various industries.

Product Detail

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Product name

 HH-3302 waterborne epoxy anticorrosive paint

Conventional colors

 iron red, gray

Packing specification

 main paint 20kg + curing agent 3.3kg/group

Mixing ratio


Theoretical coating rate

 5.7㎡/kg, 60μm

Typical film thickness

 dry film 60-120μm/wet film 125-250μm


 HH-3302 two-component water-based epoxy anticorrosive paint, composed of water-based epoxy resin, anti-rust pigment, polyamide and other components, widely used in areas with high requirements for heavy corrosion and corrosion resistance, the paint is suitable for steel , Carbon steel, cast iron and other substrates.

Product characteristics

Water-based environmentally friendly products, using water as a diluent, safe and stable in storage and construction, non-flammable and non-explosive. Excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance, Good surface adaptability and constructability


use Suitable for protective primers in moderate to severe corrosive environments, long-term corrosion protection for steel.It can also be used in maintenance packages.Can be used with most of the coatings in….steel structures, bridges, mechanical equipment, petrochemical plants, power plants, engineering machinery, industrial vehicles, chemical containers and other industrial fields

Common supporting primer

HH-3302 waterborne epoxy paint


HS-6301 waterborne acrylic polyurethane topcoat


Product Features.

(1) Water-based antirust paint, non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, no harm to human health, truly green.

(2) Water-based antirust paint, non-flammable and non-explosive, easy to transport.

(3) Water-based antirust paint, diluted with tap water, construction tools, equipment, containers with tap water cleaning, greatly reducing the cost of painting.

(4) Waterborne antirust paint, fast drying time, improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs. Applicable scope: Automobile, ship, net frame, machinery manufacturing, container, railway, bridge, boiler, steel structure and other industries.

Construction instructions

1、It is forbidden to contact with oily substances, stir well before use, add water to dilute according to the actual needs, but generally add 0-10% of water is best.

2、Brushing, roller coating, spraying, dip coating can be applied, the construction temperature ≥5℃.

3. Before construction, remove the surface oil, sand, debris, loose floating rust, and the thickness of the rust layer should not exceed 120 microns.

4. The storage temperature should be ≥0℃, stored in a cool and dry place, freeze proof and sun proof, and the shelf life should be 18 months.

Development trends editor


With society's low-carbon environmental protection concept of continuous advancement, water-based environmentally friendly coatings will inevitably become the future development trend, according to related research, water-based antirust paint has great room for development, from China's overall economic development, the next three to five years, water-based antirust paint will appear a leapfrog development.

Yellow Editor

Sometimes a yellowing of the paint coating can occur if the construction is not done correctly, and if the paint is freshly sprayed, the cause can be due to several reasons.

  1. unclean mixing equipment

  2. a deteriorated paint was used, its clarity is low and the quality of the hardener is too poor. In the case of original paint the reasons could be.

  a. Thin layer of topcoat

  b. Contamination of the hardener and failure to produce a chemical change (handover)

  c. Using a deteriorated primer.

  3. we remind buyers that in the domestic painting industry, it's always worth every penny, so don't buy some cheap paint, it may cost more, once the paint problem is lost

  Ben isn't just the cost, but also the labor.

  Here are three ways to prevent it

  1. ensure that all mixing equipment meets the requirements; any paint purchased from our company must be applied according to the methods and techniques we provide

  2. spray in strict accordance with the information provided in the technical specifications, do not add or reduce the additional material.

  3. seal the lid well after use to prevent moisture from entering.

  4. If repainting is required, it must be sanded and cleaned and then repainted.

The main series of water-based industrial paints are as follows.

1. Water-based paint series for vehicles

2. Water-based paint series for steel structure

3. Wind power equipment water-based paint series

4. Water-based container paint series

5. Automotive water-based paint series

6. Water-based marine paint series

7. Water-based industrial paint series

8.Water-based fireproof coating series

9. Water-based wood paint series

Water-based paint instead of solvent-based paint is the need to save energy and reduce emissions, is the protection of the environment, purify the air, to protect people's health needs, is the need for safe production and construction, is to improve the survival and development of human needs!

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