HW-7107 water-based inorganic zinc-rich primer

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HW-7107 water-based inorganic zinc-rich primer (85%)
Specifications: two-component: component A main paint 4kg + component B zinc powder 10kg
Whether the color can be adjusted: customized according to our color card or user requirements
Scope of application: suitable for use as a long-term anticorrosive primer for steel structures exposed to high corrosion environments.


The coating equipment should avoid contact with solvent-based paints. Use special water-based paint spraying equipment and ensure that the coating tools and fluid lines are clean and free of other paint or solvent residues.

Construction and drying should be within the specified ambient temperature range, avoiding bright water and rain.

During construction and drying, good ventilation should be ensured. The amount of ventilation required for the released water is about 75m3/L paint (20℃). Avoid construction when there is bright water and rain.

If you need to seal or paste the coated products after painting, you should ensure that the coating has reached a solid or fully cured state.

1. Strong adhesion

HW-7107 water-based inorganic zinc-rich primer (85%) has strong adhesion, and it can form a strong bond with the metal substrate. Thereby inhibiting the cracking and rust migration under the membrane

2. High mechanical strength

HW-7107 water-based inorganic zinc-rich primer (85%) has the properties of corrosion resistance, seawater resistance, oil resistance, neutral chemical resistance, neutral solvent resistance, etc.

3. VOC is almost 0

HW-7107 water-based inorganic zinc-rich primer (85%) is a green paint, with low VOC emissions and no environmental pollution

4. Strong anti-rust performance

This product is a long-lasting anti-rust coating. It has three anti-rust properties on the surface of steel, namely cathodic protection, forming a passivation film and covering effect, and has strong anti-rust properties. The highest hardness reaches 6H, and the flexibility of 1mm makes the topcoat firmer


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