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  • Product name: sodium nitrite salt
  • Molecular weight: 68.995
  • CAS No: 7632-00-0
  • EINECS No.: 231-555-9
  • Purity: 99%min
  • Brand: mit-ivy
  • MF::  NaNO2 
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    Soap granule mainly refers to the complex mixture of fatty acid sodium salt, which has excellent wetting, dispersing and cleaning capacity, and is suitable for soaping after dyeing of textiles and fast washing of production equipment

    According to the source of raw materials, it can be divided into plant-based soap particles and animal-based soap particles; according to the acidity and alkalinity, it can be divided into free acid soap particles and free alkali soap particles; according to the water content, it can be divided into high moisture soap particles and low moisture soap particles; according to the treatment method of raw materials and the current domestic situation, it can be divided into neutralization soap particles and large pot boiling soap granules.

    The raw oil is hydrolyzed continuously at high temperature and high pressure to obtain fatty acids. Different fatty acids are prepared according to a certain proportion, and then neutralized with liquid alkali to obtain soap base. After vacuum drying, the soap base is extruded into soap particles by refining machine. The soap particles produced by this method have better quality, better color, smell and stability than those cooked in large pots. Representative enterprises are beneficial to CNOOC And so on;

    The saponification reaction of vegetable oil or animal oil by boiling soap in a large pot can obtain soap base, water and glycerin Vacuum drying can be used to produce soap particles; in this way, more waste water and waste liquid will be produced in the process of producing soap particles, which has high energy consumption and poor product quality. Especially in the production of high-quality soap particles, it is relatively weak and has been gradually eliminated.

    Product use

    It is mainly used in the production of soap, laundry soap, transparent soap, etc. soap powder is used in washing powder and other hard soap cleaning products.

    Basic properties appearance: white granular solid (most vegetable oil soap particles) milky yellow granular solid (animal based soap particles)

    Soap making method

    Through the use of certain equipment, soap granules and other auxiliary materials (including flavors, pigments, etc.) are mixed evenly, extruded, printed into a certain shape of soap blocks, and packaged and sold in the industry.

    Packaging and storage

    Package: 25kg bag

    Storage: it should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place and protected from sunlight during transportation

    Characteristics of laundry soap

    1. There is no fluorescent brightener;

    2. It contains nano silver antibacterial components, which can protect children's fragile and sensitive skin from sterilization;

    3. More than 90% pure natural soap powder can reduce the irritation to children's skin, and has super cleaning ability, which can effectively clean food, milk and excreta on children's clothes;

    4. The bleaching is simple and the method of boiling is better;

    5. Mild ingredients leave a more refreshing feeling after cleaning.

    Product introduction:

    1. Pure natural laundry soap, specially developed for infants;

    2. The content of natural saponin is more than 90%;

    3. It can not only effectively remove all kinds of germs, but also clean and soften the baby's clothes and protect the baby's tender skin!!

    4. Women's underwear can also be used, durable and easy to rinse.

    Specially designed for infants and young children, natural soap powder content of more than 90%, will not stimulate the baby's skin, faint fragrance can be retained for a long time in washed clothes, containing nano silver ingredients, effectively remove all kinds of germs, can wash baby's clothes clean and hygienic, wipe out a little can produce a lot of bubbles, and easy to rinse clean in water.

    Caution: keep in a dry place.

    Keep out of reach of infants and young children.


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