Factory Price High Purity N,N-dimethylaniline/99% CAS 121-69-7
Mit-ivy industry Factory price high quality N,N-Dimethylaniline for synthesis. CAS 121-69-7, EC Number 204-493-5, chemical formula C8H11N
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Factory price high quality N,N-Dimethylaniline with 121-69-7
Product advantage
1. It is the only one in China to be extracted by gas phase extraction at room temperature and pressure with a purity of up to 99.98%.
2. Strong adsorption, darker color for dyes, metal texture for paper making, more beautiful and clean color, uniform coloring.
3. High content, the product can produce 400kg more per ton, if 500 tons, then 200000kg more, helping the enterprise to reduce costs and increase net profit.
MIT –IVY Chemicals Industry Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and trader of chemical for 16 years which has established its own 4 factories with complete production equipment and meticulous management and maintenance of machinery.
We use advanced production technology and test methods to realize production, quality controlling to meet the standard. We have been approved by SGS, ISO9001, ISO140 01, GB/HS16949 and T28001.
Mit-Ivy main products include as the following:
Dye intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates 。 fine &speciality chemicals
2-Naphthol Bon acid 2,5-Dichlorotoluene 2,3-Dichlorobenzaldehyde 2′,4′-Dichloroacetophenone 2,4-Dichlorobenzyl alcohol 3,4′-Dichlorodiphenyl ether “1,3-Dichlorobenzene
MDCB” p-Toluidine PT m-Toluidine MT o-Toluidine OT “N,N-Dihydroxyethylaniline
PDEA” N-Ethyl-m-toluidine 3-Methyl-N,N-diethyl aniline 3-(N-ethylanilino)propiononitrile N-Ethyl-N-hydroxyethylaniline N-ethyl-N-phenylbenzenemethanamine N-2-cyanoethyl-N-ethyl-m-toluidine N-Benzyl-N-ethyl-m-toluidine N,N-Diethyl aniline N-Ethyl-o-toluidine N-Ethylaniline “N,N-Dimethylaniline
DMA” N-Methylaniline 2-(N-methylanilino)ethanol N,N-Dimethyl-p-toluidine N,N-Dimethyl-o-toluidine H acid K acid J acid DSD acid Tobias acid Bis-J Acid J Acid Urea m-Phenylenediamine MPDA Benzaldehyde,4-(dimethylamino)- “Auramine O
C.I. Basic yellow 2″ Crystal violet lactone CVL Methyl violet “Basic Green 4
Magenta Green
Malachite Green”
Dyestuffs, pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates, adhesives, anchoring agents and other industries. is produced by the latest technology with stable quality and purity of more than 99.7%.
Our main markets includes America, India, Africa, Indonesia, Turkey, South-east Asia, West Asia and so on. We are main supplier of chemical products not only local but also international market. MIT-IVY Industry Main products shares 97% of the domestic market specializing in the production and management, We can supply the products with more competitive cost. with premium quality and price and welcome to consult.

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