Paint Flocculant (AB agent)

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Paint Flocculant (AB agent).
Paint Mist Flocculant is used to extract the paint mist from the circulating water in the water curtain spraying room. The paint fog flocculant is generally divided into A, B two agents, A agent injected in the circulating water pump mouth, used to remove the viscosity of paint falling in the water, sterilization and deodorization. B agent put back into the circulating pool mouth, so that the water and paint residue separation, the residue in the water will be condensed and suspended to facilitate salvage or scraping machine in addition to slag.

The paint fog coagulant has a certain amount of negative charge in the circulating water, but after contacting with agent A, it loses its viscosity after the charge transfer and forms unstable fine particles, after adding agent B, agent B is strongly adsorbed by agent A. Due to the long-chain reticulation polymer structure of agent B, it forms larger particles and presents floating condition, separating from the water and purifying it.
characteristic (feature)
1, after using the paint residue found to be non-stick and also easy to salvage.
2, and can extend the service life of the equipment;
3、The concentration of organic solvents in the spray booth is significantly reduced, and the working environment is improved.

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漆雾凝聚剂(AB剂) (3)


Purpose of using paint flocculant.

The process of air-painting produces a large amount of paint fog and organic solvent gas, which affects the operator's health and seriously pollutes the surrounding air and environment. According to the determination, the concentration of paint mist and organic solvent emitted from the spraying room is 300-2000mg/Nm3, but after using Xingrui's environment-friendly paint mist flocculant, the organic solvent is only 17.1mg/Nm3, and the paint mist removal rate reaches 99%, which effectively protects the environment and greatly improves the operating environment for workers.

Without using flocculant, the paint is not cohesive will adhere to the equipment, pipes, fans and pumps inside, causing water, air obstruction, so that the purification system can not operate normally, after adding flocculant paint is cohesive into puffy lumps, floating on the water surface, regular salvage, to ensure the normal operation of equipment, but also to avoid regular digging slag. After adding coalescing agent, water can be used for a long time, only need 3-6 months to clean up once on the line, purification system management is more convenient, further protect the environment.


Quick Details

Paint flocculant is a kind of water treatment agent to clean up paint in the circulating water of water curtain spray booths; paint flocculant is a common product for circulating water treatment in the spray industry. The paint flocculant can reduce the viscosity of the paint in the recycled water, condense the paint into flocs and make it float on the surface of the recycled water; this is easy to salvage (or automatic control of cleaning), thus extending the use of recycled water and saving water resources. The paint flocculant consists of component A and component B. The paint flocculant is designed for water-based applications.

  Paint Flocculant is a new generation of products developed and produced for water-based paints, solving the problem of unclear water and incomplete floating of water-based paints with traditional agent A. At the same time, Paint Flocculant HX is also a new generation of products developed and produced for water-based paints. At the same time, HXD-508A is produced with imported raw materials, which has stable quality and is not easy to delaminate and precipitate. Environmental protection paint coagulant (paint coagulant) products can be used directly after adding; after adding environmental protection paint coagulant (paint coagulant) products, the quality of circulating water will basically not be affected by AB agent products, for environmental protection spray water treatment agent.


reatment and storage.

1. Avoid splashing the product in eyes; if contacted, flush the contacted area with water immediately.

2. Store the product in a cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.

Avoid using empty barrel for drinking water, and the product cannot be stored in the alloy of aluminum, iron and copper.

Packing: 25kg/barrel.

Caution: The chemical substances dissolved in the water and the use of different diluting solvents may affect the use of the product. If you have any questions about the use of the product, please contact our after-sales service to provide a complete product service to meet customer requirements for the use of the effect!

Summary of functions.

Water-based paint can be miscible with water due to its characteristics, making it difficult to separate it from the water, and produce a large number of foam, affecting production. Water-based paint paint flocculant is a special solution for water-based paint wastewater treatment, paint in the recycling water (paint sludge) removal of chemical raw materials, water-based paint flocculant is spray spray paint industry to treat the common additive in recycled water, its main function is: to eliminate the viscosity of paint fog, paint fog will be condensed into flocs and floating on the surface of the recycling water, so that easy to salvage removal (or automatic control in addition to slag).


Functional function.

1.Decompose and remove the stickiness of paint drop in water of multi-category water curtain spray booth.

2. Coalesce and suspend the paint sludge

3. Control circulating water microbial activity, maintain water quality

4. Enhance the service life of circulating water, reduce the cost of cleaning the troughs and water charges.

5. Improve the capacity of biochemical treatment of wastewater and reduce the cost of wastewater treatment

6. The paint residue is not sticky and odorless, easy to dewater and reduce the cost of discarding residue.

7. Maintain the balance of supply and exhaust, improve production efficiency, ensure product quality and reduce production costs.

8. Spray booth is easy to clean and maintain, increase service life and reduce equipment replacement cost.

9. Improve the working environment of the spray booth and increase work efficiency.



Waterborne paint fog flocculant is divided into agent A and agent B. The two agents are used together (the ratio of agent A and B is 3:1-2). The two agents are used together (the ratio of agent A and B is 3:1-2). Add a certain amount of Agent A into the circulating water of the spraying water (generally 2‰ of the circulating water of the spraying water), Agent A is added at the inlet of the circulating water, and Agent B is added at the outlet of the circulating water of the spraying water (Agents A and B cannot be added at the same place at the same time). Generally, the amount of agent added is 10-15% of the oversprayed volume. The usual agent can be added manually or added automatically by the metering pump, and the liquid flow speed and discharge volume of the metering pump can be adjusted according to the oversprayed volume.

Method of use.

1. it is recommended to clean the tank thoroughly for a water change before using chemicals for better effect, after changing the water, adjust the water quality control in the range of 8-10 PH with sodium hydroxide and add 1.5-2.0kg of sodium hydroxide per ton of water.

2. after changing the water every morning after adding paint coalescing agent A agent in the spray booth circulating water flow turbulence at (i.e., spray booth pumping motor at); after adding the drug as usual after production and painting, add paint coalescing agent B agent before work in the usual salvage paint sludge at (i.e., poly paint tank); after work to salvage suspended paint sludge can.

3. dosing ratio: paint stripper and suspension of the dosing ratio is 1:1, when the spray booth water spray paint volume reached 20-25 kg of diluted paint when each add 1 kg. (This ratio is an estimated value, the actual amount of paint required according to the site and viscosity of the type of paint slightly adjusted, because the original spray booth pipeline in the adsorption of the old paint block will consume part of the solution, so the amount of medicine in the initial dosing to be slightly larger)

4. no need to adjust pH.

漆雾凝聚剂(AB剂) (2)

Handling and storage.

 1. Avoid splashing the liquid in eyes, if contacted, flush the contacted part with water immediately.

2、Storage of water-based paint fogging agent in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.

3, Do not store it in the alloy of aluminum, iron, copper.


 Packaging specifications are available in 25 kg/barrel and 200 kg/barrel.

 Summary of functions.

 Paint flocculant AB is suitable for all kinds of paints and also for water-based paints with good effect. After using this product in wet spray paint treatment equipment, it can effectively eliminate paint adhesion to the interior of equipment pipes and pumps, prevent water and air blockage, and the treated paint residue is not sticky and odorless. The paint mist condenses into porous clumps in the water and floats on the water surface, facilitating regular salvage, prolonging the service life of equipment, improving the working environment of the spray paint booth, reducing the number of hours spent cleaning up paint residue, and eliminating the need to replace circulating water.


 Specification Appearance Density(20℃) PH(10g/L) Refractive index(20℃)

A-agent Paste liquid 1.08±0.02 7±0.5 1.336±0.005

B-agent Thick liquid 1.03±0.02 6±0.5 1.336±0.005

 Place of entry.

 Agent A is put in the circulating water pump; Agent B is put in the circulating pond where it is easy to mix and the paint residue is easy to float.

 Method of use.

 When it is first used, start the circulating water pump, add 1‰ A-agent and 1‰ B agent according to the circulating water, adjust the PH value 7.5~8.5, then add A agent according to 1/10 of the oversprayed volume. Generally, the input amount of Agent B and Agent A is the same, the actual input amount according to the on-site operation. Can make the paint slag floating rate of 95% or more, with manual or deslagging machine salvage, recycled water can be used continuously.

Handling and storage.

 1. Avoid splashing the liquid in the eyes; if it comes into contact with the liquid, flush the contacted area with plenty of water immediately.

2. Store paint flocculant AB in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

3. Do not store in aluminum, iron, copper alloy.


 The packaging specifications are 25kg/barrel and 200kg/barrel.




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