Paint mist coagulant

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Paint mist coagulant is a water treatment agent for cleaning paint in circulating water of water curtain spray booth; paint mist coagulant is a commonly used product in circulating water treatment in paint spraying industry. Paint mist coagulant can reduce the viscosity of paint in circulating water, coagulate the paint into floc and float it on the surface of circulating water; this is easy to salvage (or automatically control cleaning), thereby extending the use time of circulating water and saving water resources. The paint mist coagulant is composed of component A and component B.

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Functional Overview

Water-based paint is difficult to separate from water due to its miscibility with water, and it produces a lot of foam, which affects production. Water-based paint mist coagulant is a kind of chemical agent raw material specially used to deal with the treatment of water-based paint waste water and the removal of paint (paint slag) in circulating water. Water-based paint mist coagulant is a common additive for spray treatment of circulating water in the paint industry. The main function is to eliminate the viscosity of the paint mist, condense the paint mist into floc and float it on the surface of the circulating water, which is easy to salvage and remove (or automatically control the slag removal).

1. Decompose and remove the viscosity of falling paint in the circulating water of many types of water curtain spray booths

2. Coagulate and suspend the paint residue

3. Control microbial activity of circulating water and maintain water quality

4. Enhance the service life of circulating water, reduce the cost of cleaning tank and water

5. Improve wastewater biochemical treatment capacity and reduce wastewater treatment costs

6. Paint slag is non-sticky and odorless, easy to dehydrate and reduce the cost of discarded slag

7. Maintain supply and exhaust balance, improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and reduce production costs

8. Paint spraying room is easy to clean and maintain, increase service life and reduce equipment replacement cost

9. Improve the working environment of spray booth and work efficiency

Instructions Overview

Water-based paint mist coagulant is divided into agent A and agent B. The two agents are used together (generally the ratio of agents A and B is 3:1–2). First add a certain amount of agent A (generally 2‰ of the amount of paint circulating water) in the paint circulating water. Agent A is added at the inlet of the circulating water, and agent B is added at the outlet of the circulating water for painting (agents A and B must not be added at the same place at the same time). Generally, the dosage of the agent is 10-15% of the amount of overspray. Usually, the agent can be added manually or automatically by the metering pump. According to the amount of overspray, the flow rate and displacement of the metering pump can be adjusted.

specification appearance Density (20°C) PH (10g/L) Refractive index (20°C)
A-agent paste-like liquid 1.08±0.02  7±0.5 1.336±0.005
B- agent Viscous liquid 1.03±0.02 6±0.5 1.336±0.005



1. It is recommended to completely clean the tank and change the water once before using the agent, so that the effect will be better. After changing the water, first adjust the water quality with sodium hydroxide to control the 8-10PH value range, and add 1.5-2.0 kg per ton of water Around sodium hydroxide.

2. Add paint mist flocculant A to the turbulent water circulation of spray booth every morning after water change (ie, spray booth pump motor); after adding the medicine, produce and spray paint as usual, and add paint mist flocculant B before work. The paint residue is usually salvaged (that is, the poly paint tank); the suspended paint residue can be salvaged after work.

3. Dosing ratio: The dosing ratio of paint remover and suspending agent is 1:1, and each time the amount of paint sprayed in the circulating water of the spray booth reaches 20-25 kg, add 1 kg each. (This ratio is a pre-estimated value. The actual dosage needs to be adjusted slightly according to the type of paint and viscosity on site. Because the old paint block adsorbed in the spray room pipeline will consume part of the potion, so the amount of drug used in the initial period of dosing should be slightly. Too large)

4. No need to adjust PH value.


Handling and storage

1. Avoid splashing the liquid into the eyes. If contact with the liquid, immediately flush the contact area with plenty of water.

2. Store paint flocculant AB in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

3. Cannot be stored in alloys of aluminum, iron and copper.

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