Super Concentrated Laundry Detergent

short description:

Appearance: white color, no impurities
Odor: No bad smell
Whiteness: 88.4
Granularity: 97.1
Sample description.
Free 200g-1000g samples are available, but not postage.

  • Product name: Laundry Detergent
  • Purity: 99%min
  • Brand: mit-ivy
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    Appearance: white color, no impurity

    Odor: no bad smell

    Whiteness: 88.4

    Particle size: 97.1

    Sample description:200g-1000g samples can be provided free of charge, but not by mail;

    Washing powder is a kind of synthetic detergent, and it is an essential household product. At present, there are three kinds of washing powder on the market, each with its own characteristics

    1. Ordinary washing powder and concentrated washing powder

    Ordinary washing powder, large and loose particles, fast dissolution, foam is relatively rich, but the detergency is relatively weak, it is not easy to rinse, generally suitable for hand washing; concentrated laundry powder small particles, high density, less foam, but strong detergency (at least two times the ordinary washing powder), easy to clean, water saving, generally suitable for machine wash.

    2. Phosphorous washing powder and non phosphorus washing powder

    Phosphate is the main additive in phosphate washing powder, but phosphorus element is easy to cause eutrophication of environmental water, thus damaging the water quality and polluting the environment. Phosphorus free washing powder has no such disadvantage, which is beneficial to water environment protection. For the health of our living environment, it is recommended to use phosphate free detergent.

    3. Detergent with enzyme and flavoring

    The addition of enzyme detergent is the addition of enzymes to the washing powder, and the flavoring detergent is added to the detergent. Washing powder with enzyme has special function to remove specific dirt (such as juice, ink, blood stain, milk stain, meat juice, milk stain, soy sauce stain, etc.), at the same time, some of the specific enzymes can also play the role of sterilization, whitening, color protection and color enhancement. Flavored washing powder can not only satisfy the washing effect, but also make clothes fragrant and make people feel more comfortable.


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