Mit-ivy industry metal Advanced Acrylic Latex Sealing Primer with excellent penetrating power

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Water-based protective paint
This product is composed of high performance water-based resin, deionized water, water-based auxiliaries and environmental weatherproof antirust fillers.
Features Low V0C emissions, water as a diluent, environmentally friendly.
Non-flammable and explosive materials can be transported as non-dangerous, safe and reliable.

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2-hydroxy-3-naphthoic acid67
2-hydroxy-3-naphthoic acid79


It has excellent adhesion to steel substrates and similar water-based primers, and excellent physical and mechanical properties after the paint wave dries.

5. The paint film has excellent light preservation and color preservation after drying.

Recommended application It is suitable for drainage protection of trucks, machinery parts, light industrial equipment, etc. where high protection is required.

Technical data Colour assorted

Surface dry (50% miscibility) 15℃C<1h;25'C<0.5h

Solid dry (50% humidity) 15'C<48h; 25°C<24h

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Water (50±5μm) 72h paint film does not blister, not help fall, not rust.

Hardness 0.3 (double pendulum) mechanical property testing film thickness (23±3jμm)

Adhesion (Hegelian) Level 1

Surface treatment The surface of the coated material should be free of moisture, oil, acid carbon and ash.



Quick Details

Steel with oxide skin: Shot blasting or sand blasting methods such as processing to Sa2.5 level, where sand blasting can not be done should be mechanically polished or

Chemically treated to remove all floating broken shoulders.

Steel without oxide skin: sandblasted (shotblasted) to Sa2.5 or air-activated, electric grinding tools to St3.

Welding, flame-cutting or firework correction of burnt arch areas: grinding to St3 level.

Base material with old paint film: remove loose old paint particles and rust, and sand to St3 with air or electric sanding tools.

Typical painting package can be used with H902 water-based primer, or used alone as a general decorative topcoat, or used with other types of primer products (need to be matched for verification).

Construction data Table dry (50% temperature) 15'C<th;25℃C<05h Actual dry (50% humidity) 15℃C<24h;25℃<12h Density about 1.1-1.20g/cm' Theoretical coating rate 0.15-0.2kg/m' (dry film 40-50) μm)

It is recommended to apply 2 coatings, which can be applied in the way of warm touching temperature to ensure that the dry film is 40-50μm.

To be sanded and finished with sandpaper.

Construction method Air or robot spraying is possible. Mix the paint before use, adjust the viscosity according to the construction method.

Add 5-15% of water. Add water and stir evenly, then leave the surface to work without bubbles.


Construction environment 1. The brain playground should have good ventilation and dust removal facilities to ensure the quality of construction.

2. The construction should be carried out under the condition that the mixing degree is above 5℃C and the relative humidity of the environment should be <70%.

3. The substrate temperature shall be not less than 5' and shall be more than 3'C above the air dew point temperature.




Vehicle Type   100% Acrylic Latex
COMPOSITION  (nominal)   Pigment : Lightfast Non-Lead Pigments & Mineral Extenders.

Blinder : Acrylic Emulsion.

Solvent : Water.

Volume Solids   31.8%
Coverage per Gallon at Recommended Film Thickness    400 –450 Sq. Ft. (37-42 m2)
Recommended Film Thickness

(Depending on surface texture and porosity. Be sure to estimate the right amount of paint for the job. This will ensure color uniformity and minimize the disposal of excess paint)

  Dry 1.2 mils

Wet 3.8 mils

Dry Time @ 77° F (25° C) @ 50% RH

(High humidity and cool temperatures will result in longer dry, recoat and service times.)

  To Touch 1 Hour

To Recoat 2 to 4 Hours

Dries By   Evaporation, Coalescence
Viscosity   99 ± 2 KU
Gloss / Sheen   Flat (5-10 @ 85°)



Shipping time by Sea (Just for reference)

North America

11~30 days North Africa 20~40 days Europe 22~45 days South-east Asia 7~10 days
South America 25~35 days WestAfrica 30~60 days MiddleEast 15~30 days East Asia 2~3 days
Middle America 20~35 days EestAfrica 23~30 days Ocenia 15~20 days South Asia 10~25 days




1.About Sample

We provide free sample for testing.

2.OEM,ODM service available.

3.According to customer's request, packed with pallet or without pallet.

Tile adhesive(20kg/bag)packing with pallet specification:
64 bags/pallet = 1.28 MT/pallet
72 bags/pallet = 1.44 MT/pallet
One full 20ft container max loading 27.6MT.
With pallets can load 1360 bags, without pallet can load 1380 bags.


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