Factory Tour

Factory Appearance

MIT -IVY Industry Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and trader of chemical for 16 years which has established its own 4 factories with complete production equipment and meticulous management and  maintenance of machinery. 

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Product Workshop

Technology is the first productive force. It uses science and technology to create a brand, constantly adapts and meets the diverse needs of the market and customers, in order to realize the highest value of the company.
MIT -IVY Industry hold “Integrity as root, technology s foundation,quality superiority,and top service”to produce our goods in International standard,our main technology index all meet International standard. We always believe that technology is the first productive force to creat “first class “brand to make out company among the top in this line.


Production Equipment

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Laboratory equipment for R&D industrial area

So we also set up its own laboratory, hired excellent scientific and technical management personnel, give priority to the development of science and technology, and strive to be the best in the industry.
MIT -IVY Industry adhere to benefit the community, and constantly creates value for the customers, holding integrity with mutual benefit and common prosperity.
We have first-class professional technical personnel in product research and development.
So we can provide key intermediates for your project and shorten your synthesis solution to provide you with high purity products.

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