On the morning of March 27th, a fire broke out in an H-acid factory in India!

Since 2018, domestic sources of H acid have risen, as have imported ones.Previously, H acid was exported from China to India.As supplies tighten and prices soar, some domestic dyestuff producers have turned to India for supplies.

“The biggest reason for the rapid rise in acid prices is the reduction in supply.”Traders, executives of e-commerce platforms and executives of production companies interviewed by reporters all gave the same answer.

A fire broke out in this H-acid factory in India recently, which is bound to have a certain impact on the import of domestic H-acid!H acid supply is tight, may also drive prices continue to rise.
Dye prices, the most direct chain reaction dyeing fee rise, as expected, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and other places have to raise the dyeing fee!

In fact, printing and dyeing enterprises to raise the dyeing fee is also helpless, dye prices, the cost of enterprises will increase.”Dyeing fee is had to go up, and considering the acceptance of customers, we do not dare to go up too much, dyeing fee rise far less than dye.”Business is just so-so this year,” complained the manager of a dyeing factory in Shengze. “Many dyeing factories still don’t have enough to eat, but they really have to raise prices!”

On March 21, an explosion at the Tianjiayi Chemical Plant in Xiangshui, Yancheng, which is one of the three core factories for the dye intermediate resorcinine, caused a shortage of resorcinine.
As one of the most important intermediates of disperse dyes, reactive dyes and direct dyes, m-phenylenediamine industry concentration is very low.Unaffected by the explosion, the ex-factory price of m-phenylenediamine has risen from 47,000 yuan/ton to 100,000 yuan/ton

Dye cost rise, the most injured to count as a biscuit traders, sheng Ze region a trader so said, at present everything is rising, labor, water and electricity, dye fee, but the profit does not rise, a little rise we can accept, go up more really no profit!

Now do textile industry but really not easy!Everything is going up except profits.Do and cherish it!

Post time: Oct-14-2020