In the 80 s

In 1980s China, the countryside was very poor. Around an acre of land, depending on god’s food.

Spring, the earth need most is to have the rain, if long-term drought, then spring will be affected, the long time to tow can’t again planted, and in many parts of the water is not convenient, and is not very perfect, there is not very convenient water, and crops can not do without water, more from the rain. In fact, farming at home, and not when you want to plant can be planted, most of many rural areas have to rely on rain. The impact of drought on crops is very big, there is no rain irrigation for a long time, then the crops of this season is no hope.

Crops are the hope of a year, go to school to pay tuition fees, Chinese New Year can eat a mouthful of meat, all rely on crops.

Farmers, who make a living by farming the land. Often from dawn to dark, busy is the whole day.

No matter how hard it is, it’s worth it to have a good harvest. But the truth is cruel! There is a saying in the countryside: look at the sky and reap. It means, what’s the harvest like, by God. Good weather, a bumper harvest; Flood drought, grain no harvest.

Encountered drought, have to use a bucket of barrels from the river, a day down to the waist have to fall apart, a few days to carry water.

When reading, see tired parents, very distressed, just think how can let parents work less.

After work, see agricultural machinery irrigation and drainage, secretly want to vigorously promote out. China is already using it, but how many people are still on the road around the world

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Post time: Oct-13-2021