1. The fine chemical industry belongs to the manufacturing industry and has a high degree of industrial relevance with other industries
Industries that are more closely related to the fine chemical industry mainly include: agriculture, textiles, construction, paper industry, food industry, daily chemical production, electronic equipment, etc. The development of the fine chemical industry is closely related to these industries.
The upstream of the fine chemical industry is mainly the manufacturing of basic chemical raw materials; at the same time, the products provided by the fine chemical industry are the basic raw materials for many other industries, such as agriculture, construction, textiles, pharmaceuticals and other important industries. The development of agriculture, construction, textile, pharmaceutical, electronics and other related industries provides development opportunities for the development of fine chemical industry; at the same time, the development of fine chemical industry will also promote the development of upstream industries.
2. The fine chemical industry has certain characteristics of economies of scale
The production scale of foreign fine chemical production enterprises is more than 100,000 tons. In the second half of the 20th century, the global fine chemical production enterprises are represented by the United States and Japan, showing the characteristics of large-scale and specialization, in order to continuously reduce production costs. At present, the concentration of my country’s fine chemical industry is relatively low, with the majority of small enterprises, while the proportion of medium and large enterprises, especially large enterprises, is relatively low.
3. The fine chemical industry is an industry with high emissions of industrial pollutants
According to the 2012 Environmental Statistics Annual Report, the chemical industry’s wastewater emissions accounted for 16.3% of the national industrial wastewater emissions, ranking second; exhaust gas emissions accounted for 6% of the national industrial emissions, ranking fourth; solid waste emissions It accounts for 5% of the country’s industrial solid waste emissions, ranking fifth; COD emissions account for 11.7% of the country’s total industrial COD emissions, ranking third.
4. Periodic characteristics of the industry
The downstream industries facing the fine chemical industry mainly include environmental plasticizers, powder coatings, insulating materials, high-temperature curing agents and other industries. The end products are used in various plastic products, building materials, packaging materials, household appliances, automotive machinery, etc., covering In many areas of the national economy, the industry itself does not have obvious cyclical characteristics, but due to the impact of the macro economy, it will show certain fluctuations as the overall economic situation changes. The industry cycle is basically the same as the cycle of the entire macroeconomic operation.
5. Regional characteristics of the industry
From the perspective of the regional distribution of my country’s fine chemical industry enterprises, the regional structure of enterprises in the fine chemical industry is obvious, with East China accounting for the largest proportion and North China ranking second.
6. Seasonal characteristics of the industry
The downstream application fields of the fine chemical industry are relatively extensive, and there is no obvious seasonal feature in general.

Post time: Dec-16-2020