As the most important intermediate of reactive dyes, The price of H acid has changed dramatically in three years from 2015 to now.For example, to give you an idea of how big the change is.

According to the standard, 30 tons of H acid is needed to fill a truck:

In April 2015, the total purchase price of one car of H-acid was 1.95 million yuan, equivalent to 2 millionaires.

In April 2016, the total purchase price of one car of H acid was 1.59 million yuan, equivalent to 1.6 millionaires.In April 2017, the total purchase price of one car of H acid was 990,000 yuan, equivalent to one millionaire.

It is clear that prices in 2017 have been discounted by 50% from the high prices of 2015.

Three years, the same product, why is the difference so big?See the breakdown of details.

1、2015 is a year that most dyestuff companies don’t want to mention.In fact, the first half of the dye price sesame flower successively high, H acid also went up.

Due to the fermentation of the environmental protection event in Mingsheng, Ningxia, there is panic in the market, coupled with the atmosphere of speculation, the highest transaction price of H acid reached 65,000 yuan/ton.Back then, if you stocked up on a few carloads of acid, you’d dream of counting your money.

But since May, the markets have been in turmoil, and H acid has not escaped it.The demand contraction caused by the weak economy, coupled with the concentration of new capacity of H acid, led to the collective plunge in the prices of dye intermediates and dyes.The price of H acid fell sharply all the way to 26,000 yuan/ton at the end of the year.

At the end of the year, many people have not had a good year.

2、The market picked up again in 2016.
The shock of 2015 has left many people in deep sorrow, but two major events at the beginning of the year have awakened the dreamers.
At the beginning of this year, the news that 64 printing and dyeing factories in Shaoxing had been shut down attracted the attention of the whole country.Printing and dyeing stocks, the dye market was driven up.

Meanwhile, Hubei’s environmental protection bureau imposed the largest environmental fine in history, with a major factory fined more than 27 million yuan for illegal emissions and illegal private pipes.
The biggest manufacturer of H acid shut down, the market atmosphere suddenly tense.By the way, H acid market became active. From the cost price of 26,000 yuan/ton, it rose to the highest transaction price of 53,000 yuan/ton in April, up by more than 100%.

3、So far in 2017, there have been no big ups and downs.

Some production capacity of Hubei Acid Dachang was restored and market supply increased.With the further development of environmental protection inspectors, the downstream reactive dye enterprises started unstable, the overall demand is limited, so since the beginning of the year, H acid price did not have the opportunity to go up and down.

Before the dye exhibition in April, the H acid market rose in a narrow range, some enterprises bullish for the exhibition aftermarket, never thought, after the exhibition price fell earlier than in previous years.The average price of 31,000 yuan/ton was maintained in the second quarter.

In August, the main production base of H acid, zhejiang and Shandong environmental protection inspection work was upgraded again, the price of dye market went up, the price of H acid also gradually rose, the current market price is about 35,000 yuan/ton.

There was a downward trend in May, and on June 1, a second price spike was triggered by tight supply in the market as the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a letter on investigating environmental problems of acid producers in H.Starting in July, the price trend fluctuated around 40,000 yuan/ton, but the decline resumed in the fourth quarter, ending 2016 at 31,000 yuan/ton.


Throughout the h-acid market in the past 3 years, environmental protection is the main reason for the sharp fluctuations in the market price.Environmental panic, so that H acid was once favored, the price is not the highest only higher.
Today, in a more rational market environment, environmental protection and demand are the core factors affecting prices.Next, what is the trend of H acid price? I think it will rise steadily in the short term. I will pay close attention to environmental supervision and market changes.

Post time: Oct-14-2020