p-Phenylene diamine; 1,4-diaminobenzene

White crystal. Turns rosy in the light. Turns purple in the air. Melting point 140℃. Boiling point 267℃. Can be sublimated. Slightly soluble in cold water, soluble in ethanol, ether, chloroform and benzene. It reacts with inorganic acids to form salts that are easily soluble in water. Used in the manufacture of azo dyes and sulfur dyes, etc., and used as fur dyes (Fur Black D, Ursol D or Fur Black D, Ursol D or Fur Black D) and developing agents. This product belongs to Category 3 carcinogens. It is produced by reduction of p-nitroaniline.


The production method

It is obtained by reducing p-nitroaniline with iron powder in acidic medium. Put the iron powder into hydrochloric acid, heat it to 90°C, and add p-nitroaniline while stirring. After the addition is completed, react at 95-100°C for 0.5 hours, and then add concentrated hydrochloric acid dropwise to complete the Chemicalbook reduction reaction. After cooling, neutralize with saturated sodium carbonate solution to pH 7-8, boil and filter while hot, and wash the filter cake with hot water. Combine the filtrate and washing liquid, concentrate under reduced pressure, crystallize by cooling or distill under reduced pressure to obtain p-phenylenediamine with a yield of 95%.

Chemical properties

Chinese name: p-Phenylenediamine
Foreign name: p-Phenylenediamine
Chemical formula: C6H8N2
Molecular weight: 108.14
CAS registration number: 106-50-3
Melting point: 139 ℃
appearance: White to lavender crystals


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