Sodium chloride

Sodium chloride

CAS number: 7647-14-5

Alias: table salt; rock salt

English aliases: Common salt; Table salt; Roch salt; Sea salt

Molecular formula: NaCl

Molecular weight: 58.44

Properties: white crystal, soluble in water. At 25°C, 1g is soluble in 2.8ml water, 2.6ml boiling water, and 10ml glycerin, and is almost insoluble in ethanol. Its solubility in water is reduced by the presence of hydrochloric acid, and it is almost insoluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid. The aqueous solution is neutral, with a pH of 5.0~8.0. Relative density 2.17. Melting point 804℃. Boiling point 1413℃. The median lethal dose (rat, oral) is 3.75±0.43g/kg.

Storage: sealed and stored.



1. Analytical reagent, used for salt spray test to detect metal corrosion resistance. A standard for measuring silver nitrate. Microdetermination of fluorine and silicates. Routine blood tests; liver function tests, etc.

2. Sodium chloride is an important basic chemical raw material, widely used in many fields such as pharmaceuticals, textiles, printing and dyeing, rubber, food and agriculture.

3. Used to prepare tris buffer, phosphate buffered saline, MPM-2 (mitotic protein monoclonal 2) cell lysis buffer, immunoprecipitation washing buffer, LB (Luria-Bertani) medium and dialysis buffer

4. It is widely used in pharmaceutical preparations and is used as a penetrant in liquid dosage forms, a filler or coating agent in solid dosage forms and semi-solid dosage forms, a diluent in salting out pharmaceuticals and capsules, an organic reaction catalyst, and a pharmaceutical raw material.

5. In biological systems, sodium chloride is a basic electrolyte that can adjust osmotic pressure, pH balance and conductivity. It plays a key role in maintaining protein structure and promoting enzyme activity. It is important for stabilizing protein conformation and catalyzing biochemical reactions. crucial.


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