(R)-N-Boc-glutamic acid-1,5-dimethyl ester CAS NO.59279-60-6

short description:

Dimethyl (2S)-2-[(2-methylpropan-2-yl)oxycarbonylamino]pentanedioateN-Boc-L-glutaMic acid 1,5-diMethyl ester,;BOC-GLU(OME)-OME
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ProName:(R)-N-Boc-glutamic acid-1,5-dimethyl e...CasNo:59279-60-6Molecular Formula:C12H21NO6Appearance:white or off white soild powderApplication:It is used as biochemical reagent, foo...DeliveryTime:15 working daysPackAge:According to the demand of customerPort:shanghaiProductionCapacity:1 Metric Ton/MonthPurity:98%Storage:Preservation at room temperatureTransportation:by air or by seaLimitNum:10 Gram

  • Purity:: 99.0%min
  • Packaging Details: 25KG/BAG
  • PackAge: according to the clients requirement
  • Storage: Store in dry, dark and ventilated plac...
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    (r)-n-boc-glutamic acid-1,5-dimethyl ester basic information

    product name: (r)-n-boc-glutamic acid-1,5-dimethyl ester
    synonyms: n-alpha-tert-butyloxycarbonyl-l-glutamic acid di-methyl diester;n-alpha-t-butyloxycarbonyl-l-glutamic acid dimethyl diester;n-alpha-t-butoxycarbonyl-l-glutamic acid alpha, gamma-dimethyl ester;n-boc-l-glutamic acid dimethyl ester;(r)-n-boc-glutamic acid-1,5-dimethyl ester;boc-l-glu(me)-ome;boc-l-glu(ome)-ome;boc-l-glutamic acid dimethyl ester
    cas: 59279-60-6
    mf: c12h21no6
    mw: 275.3
    product categories:
    mol file: 59279-60-6.mol
    (r)-n-boc-glutamic acid-1,5-dimethyl ester structure
    properties & specification

    physical properties

    white to light yellow crystal powder

    density: 1.08 g/ml at 25°c

    melting point: 239°c (dec.)(lit.)

    flash point: >100°c

    refractive index: n20/d 1.479

    water solubility: 700 g/l (20°c)

    solubility: h2o: 0.1 g/ml, clear



    a, used as medicine intermediate and phase transfer catalyst.

    b, cationoid surfactant, used as organic chemical reaction phase transfer catalyst.

    packing & storage



    25kg/fiber drum or bag or according to per customer's requirement

    dangerous cargo with un 2811 6.1/pg 3

    stored in cool, dry and ventilation place; away from fire and heat;

    handle with care; no breakage



    molecular formula:


    molecular weight:


    Packing & Delivery
    The Packaging of BTEAC / Benzyltriethylammonium chloride CAS 56-37-1

    The usual one package of BTEAC / Benzyltriethylammonium chloride CAS 56-37-1 is 25kg/drum. But we could also subpackage it according to our customers'requirements.Such as 1kg/bag, 5kg/bag, 10kg/bag,etc.

    Generally, the powder of BTEAC / Benzyltriethylammonium chloride CAS 56-37-1 will be packed in sealed plastic bags, and then be locked into the carton barrels or sealed in woven bags or craft paper bags. But we could also pack it with aluminium foil bags to provide more protection to the goods as our customers' required.


    The Delivery of BTEAC / Benzyltriethylammonium chloride CAS 56-37-1
    BTEAC / Benzyltriethylammonium chloride CAS 56-37-1 powder could be delivered by courier, air or by sea.
    For 1~100kg, we recommend to ship it by courier,which is much faster and more convenient. What's more, it may avoid some customs
    taxes for our customers. And the goods could be delived door by door.
    For more than 100kg, the goods could be shipped by air or by sea, and it is up to you. But we will provide perfect solutions for your reference.

    Product packaging









    Mit-ivy Cerfiticate
    mit-ivy industry

    MIT IVY  Industry Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer for 19 years  manufacturer of organic intermediates pharmaceutical intermediates.dyestuff Intermediates.Pesticide intermediate. fine. specialty chemicals        Athena008619961957599
    we have in stock ,delivery  time :15days  

    Payment:  l/c at sight
    1 FCL   FOB PRICE :
    N,N-Diethyl aniline 91-66-7          :     4.63US/KG

    3-Methyl-N,N-diethyl aniline 91-67-8  :      2.51US/KG

    N,N-Dimethylaniline      DMA" 121-69-7  :4.58US/KG  

    N,N-Dimethyl-p-toluidine DMPT" 99-97-8    :4.6US/KG   

    N,N-Dimethyl-o-toluidine DMOT" 609-72-3  :3.84US/KG

    m-Phenylenediamine  MPDA" 108-45-2  :5.57US/KG

    MONOCHLOROACETONE 78-95-5  :     3.19US/KG

    1,1,3-Trichloroacetone 921-03-9     :     3.67US/KG

    2,4-Dichlorobenzyl chloride 94-99-5  :      4.47US/KG

    2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride 89-75-8  :      9.25US/KG

    N-Ethyl-o-toluidine 94-68-8          :      10.85US/KG

    N-Ethylaniline 103-69-5             :       3.68US/KG

    "N,N-Dihydroxyethylaniline PDEA" 120-07-0   : 4.31US/KG

    N-Ethyl-m-toluidine 102-27-2         :       4.28US/KG

    3-(N-ethylanilino)propiononitrile 148-87-8  :   4.63US/KG

    N-Ethyl-N-hydroxyethylaniline 92-50-2   :    4.38US/KG

    N-ethyl-N-phenylbenzenemethanamine92-59-1:  7.49US/KG

    N-2-cyanoethyl-N-ethyl-m-toluidine 148-69-6: 4.68US/KG

    N-Benzyl-N-ethyl-m-toluidine 119-94-8:          4.84US/KG

    N-Ethyl-o-toluidine 94-68-8  :   4.51US/KG

    N-Ethylaniline 103-69-5       :4.38US/KG

    2-Methylphenylacetic acid 644-36-0: :4.38US/KG

    4-Chlorobenzoyl chloride 122-01-0 :4.48US/KG

    2-Chlorobenzoyl chloride 609-65-4  :4.38US/KG

    4-Chlorobenzaldehyde 104-88-1  :4.38US/KG

    2-Chlorobenzaldehyde 89-98-5  :4.38US/KG

    "2-Chlorobenzotrichloride OCTC   2136-89-2:4.38US/KG

    4-Chlorobenzotrichloride 5216-25-1:4.32US/KG

    2,5-Dichlorotoluene 19398-61-9   :4.31US/KG

    2,3-Dichlorobenzaldehyde 6334-18-5  :4.32US/KG

    2',4'-Dichloroacetophenone 2234-16-4  :4.34US/KG

    24-dichlorotoluene 95-73-8 :4.31US/KG

    2,3-Dichlorotoluene 32768-54-0 :4.32US/KG

    2,6-Dichlorotoluene 118-69-4   :4.37US/KG

    3,4-Dichlorotoluene 95-75-0    :4.62US/kg  

    Auramine O      C.I. Basic yellow 2" 2465-27-2  :3.1US/KG

    Crystal violet lactone CVL  1552-42-7  :37.9US/KG

    Beta naphthol" 135-19-3  :    2.45US/KG


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