1-(Dimethylamino)tetradecane CAS 112-75-4

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1-(Dimethylamino)tetradecane CAS 112-75-4
Appearance is transparent liquid。 insoluble in water and less dense than water. Hence floats on water. Contact may irritate skin, eyes and mucous membranes. May be toxic by ingestion, inhalation or skin absorption.
Used to make other chemicals.And mainly used in preservatives, fuel additives, bactericides, rare metal extractants, pigment dispersants, mineral flotation agents, cosmetic raw materials, etc.
Storage conditions: Keep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container or cylinder. Keep away from incompatible materials, ignition sources and untrained individuals. Secure and label area. Protect containers/cylinders from physical damage.

  • Name: 1-(Dimethylamino)tetradecane CAS 112-75-4
  • Brand Name: MIT-IVY
  • Apperence: transparent liquid
  • Environmental Protection:: Yes
  • Certification:: ISO
  • Type: Production of surfactants such as fungicides。
  • Transport Package: drums
  • Customization:: Yes
  • Production Capacity: 500 Tons/Month
  • Origin: China
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    Product introduction

    Dimethyltetradecanamine appears as a light yellow liquid with a fishlike odor. Insoluble in water  and less dense than water  Hence floats on water Contact may irritate skin, eyes and mucous membranes. May be toxic by ingestion, inhalation or skin absorption. Used to make other chemicals.

    Application field

    mainly used in preservatives, fuel additives, bactericides, rare metal extractants, pigment dispersants, mineral flotation agents, cosmetic raw materials, etc

    Construction description


    CAS No. 112-75-4

    Molecular formula C16H35N

    Molecular weight 241.46

    EINECS No. 204-002-4

    Melting point -3°C

    Boiling point 148°C/2mmHg

    Density 0.795g/mL at 20°C (lit.)

    Refractive index n20/D1.441

    Flash point 131°C


    Storage and transportation

    Packing:according to the clients requirement
    Storage: Store in dry, dark and ventilated place.

    Company Information

    MIT-IVY INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is a manufacturer and exporter of fine chemical dyes & pharmaceutical intermediates in China.

    Mainly produce aniline series products and chlorine series products.

    MIT –IVY Chemicals Industry Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturerof chemical for 21 years with complete production equipment and meticulous management and  maintenance of machinery.

     We use advanced production technology and test methods to realize production, quality controlling to meet the standard. We have been approved by SGS, ISO9001, ISO140 01, GB/HS16949 and T28001.

    Mit-Ivy main products include as the following:

     API, pharmaceutical intermediates ,Dye intermediates, fine,speciality chemicals,Waterborne industrial paint and new energy materials.

    Our main markets includes America, India, Africa, Indonesia, Turkey, South-east Asia, West Asia and so on.  MIT-IVY Industry Main products shares 97% of the domestic market specializing in the production and management,  We can supply the products with more competitive cost. with premium quality and price and welcome to consult. Our company has professional persons who major in chemical R&D and sicentific management, supply fine chemical products with high quality and close service, also supply custom-tailored products according to our clients’ requirement. We have a positive and self-motivated management work team with a common philosophy, caring and commitment through teamwork, our team strive to achieve success in delighting our clients and ourselves. ​we continuously innovate our products and improve our service, sales network. Hence, we initiate the first sale mode on net in China, which is the retail trade of small package bring along wholesale of diversified management modes. Our products are exported widely to South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, Europe and South America, highly recommended by our clients. We insist on the management creed “Market is our compass, Quality is our life, Credit is our soul”. Clients’ trust is our forward powder, their satisfaction is our struggling goal.

    Brand Customer Service:
    Our JIT customer service account team network in China develop and implement tailor-made concepts for the optimum supply of our customers with industrial and specialty chemicals.
    Your advantages:
    ● Centralized customer service supports simplification of administrative procedures, resulting in time and cost saving.
    ● Our Chinese network and sophisticated logistics solutions ensure that chemicals of identical quality are supplied to customers with several manufacturing locations and contribute to security in planning and reliability of processes.
    ● Our processes are continuously optimized and adapted to our customers’ changing structures and requirements.

    Superiority of Chemistry Logistics service:
    Chemical logistic service is very professional and should be superior under UN regularity, especially for DGR Class series. We provide a special-purpose solution to optimize logistic and suitable packing group and labeling service for our principals. Our main Chinese ports with DGR chemical warehouses are to operate specialty chemical and apply all relative paperwork concerned.

    Our distribution capabilities include:
    ● Flexible deliveries, intelligent solutions
    ● Anything from bulk shipments of thousands of tonnes down to the smallest shipment of packed goods and even samples.
    ● Bulk – storage and transport of powders and liquids – movement of goods in ships – powders and bulk liquids
    ● Pharma, feed and food storage to accredited standards
    ● Segregated materials by business unit and hazard classification
    ● Temperature controlled storage and transport
    ● Effective cost control
    ● Re-packing, drum filling, bagging, ripping and tipping
    ● Customer delivery KPI's on delivery fulfillment performance

    If you are interested in getting more quotations,

    please add WHATSAPP:0086-13805212761 or


    Q. Are you factory or trading company?

    A. We are a factory located in XUZHOU city, JIANGSU province, China .

    Q. Are all colors are same price?

    A.No, the price are different depend on the texture, availability, Ingredients and So on.

    Q. Can you provide samples for quality checking before placing an order?

    A.  Samples are available upon request, but the shipping cost should be paid by customer.

    Q. Is there a discount?

    A. The discount will be given by the quantity.

    Q. How about delivery time?

    A. About 7-15 days after payment confirmed.

    Q. What kind of payment terms you can accept?

    A.  We accept T/T, LC, Western Union and Paypal.

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