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J acid (2-amino-5-naphthol-7-sulfonic acid) is an important dye intermediate for the manufacture of azo dyes and can be used in the manufacture of Double J acid, scarlet acid and phenyl J acid, etc.
Application: Dyestuff Intermediates
Appearance: light yellow powder

  • CAS: 87-02-5
  • MF: C10H9NO4S
  • MW: 239.25
  • EINECS: 201-718-9
  • Mol File: 87-02-5.mol
  • Assay:: 97%min
  • Packing:: 25kg/bag
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    J acid Typical Properties

    Items Specifications
    Content ≥90%
    Gamma Acid ≤0.15%
    Insoluble ≤0.20%


    Items Specification
    Appearance Grey to light brown powder
    Content (dry) ≥90.0%
    Purity (HPLC) ≥97.0%
    Gamma Acid content ≤1.50%
    Bis J Acid content ≤0.20%
    Water ≤1.0%
    2-Naphthylamine ≤100ppm



    J acid
    J acid
    J acid

    Used to be made from β-naphthylamine. Because of the strong carcinogenicity of β-naphthylamine, this production method has been eliminated, and now 2-naphthylamine-1-sulfonic acid is used as raw material to produce J acid. After sulfonation and hydrolysis, 2-naphthalic acid-5-dimethyl 7-disulfonate monosodium salt (amino J acid) was obtained, which was then neutralized, fused by alkali and acidified. J acid was obtained by sulfonation with fuming sulfuric acid, hydrolysis, absorption, washing, alkali solution and acidizing washing. The sodium salt dissolves in water and shows blue fluorescence. It is co-heated with ferric trichloride solution to form brown-black precipitation.

    Chemical property

    J acid
    J acid

    1. J acid co-heated with ferric chloride solution to form dark brown precipitate; calcium chloride to form yellowish brown precipitate; base sodium salt dissolved in water showed blue fluorescence.

    2. Avoid inhaling dust from this product and avoid contact with eyes and skin.

    3. poisonous. Rats were given oral LD50:11500mg/kg. Toxic or strongly corrosive raw materials such as 2-aminonaphthalene sulfonic acid, fuming concentrated sulfuric acid and caustic soda are used in production.


    Dye intermediates. It is mainly used to prepare direct green lotus R, direct fast blue FRL, direct fast ash 2BL, direct copper salt blue 2R, direct acid resistant purple, direct pink, direct copper dye navy, fast blue B2R, direct jujube GB, as well as reactive scarlet, orange, brilliant orange X-GN, gray, grass green, red brown and other dyes. It is also used to prepare double J acid, scarlet acid and phenyl J acid.

    storage and packing

    J acid 1
    J acid

    Packaging Details:25kg/bag

    It should be sealed and protected from light. Store in a dry, clean house to prevent exposure to sunlight and rain. When placed, the mouth of the box (drum) should be upward to avoid leakage of the product.

    others name:J acid;2-amino-5-naphthol-7-sulfonic acid; 6-amino-1-naphthol-3-sulfonic acid

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