• A sudden!Three dead and four injured in explosion at Chemical Factory!Market shock, raw materials surged 1000 yuan/ton!

    There was a serious explosion in the chemical industry this weekend. A country many times by spot check, but completely did not find out the hidden trouble of the enterprise, exploded! Tanner subsidiary exploded!Three dead and four wounded! According to news reports, three people died and four we...
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  • 2020 3rd China Zibo International Chemical New Material Industry Conference and “Four New” Exhibition will be presented

    On December 16, 2020, sponsored by China Fluorosilicon Organic Materials Industry Association, Huantai County People’s Government, China Epoxy Resin Industry Association (prepared), Beijing Fluorosilicon Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Guohua New Material Technology Center, Dongfang Un...
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  • What you need to know about M-Phenylenediamine

    What you need to know about M-Phenylenediamine

    English name: m-Phenylenediamine English alias: CI Developer 11; 1,3-Benzenediamine; 1,3-Diaminobenzene; 1,3-Phenylenediamine; Metaphenylene Diamine; m-Phenylene Diamine; Meta Phenylenediamine; benzene-1,3-diamine; 1,3-Diamino benzene ; Meta-Phenylenediamine; Meta Phenylene Diamine; M-diamino ben...
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  • Dyeing fee will increase by 400 yuan/ton!

    Due to the high cost of production materials, Hebei issued a notice of price adjustment of dyeing fee, three printing and dyeing fining factories decided to raise the dyeing fee by 400 yuan/ton as a whole since December 15 and 16, mainly involving warp knitting and weft knitting fabrics. From the...
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  • Characteristics of Fine Chemical Industry

    1. The fine chemical industry belongs to the manufacturing industry and has a high degree of industrial relevance with other industries Industries that are more closely related to the fine chemical industry mainly include: agriculture, textiles, construction, paper industry, food industry, daily ...
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  • Lack of case still!Empty case markup hard to grab!The pressure will continue for at least another 6-8 weeks!May affect the Spring Festival delivery

    A shortage of containers in Asia will weigh on supply chains for at least another six to eight weeks, meaning it will affect deliveries ahead of the Lunar New Year. Habben Jansen, CEO of Haberot, said the company had added about 250,000 TEU of container equipment in 2020 to meet strong demand, bu...
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  • Let  me  introduce our policy

    Let me introduce our policy

    Let me introduce our policy *MIT –IVY Industry is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of *fine chemicals Intermediate & Basic Dyestuffs * . *We are the only organic fine chemical intermediates produced by new household process in China, with high quality and high pric...
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  • About our fine chemicals

    In recent years, various countries around the world, especially industrialized developed countries, have regarded the development of fine chemical products as one of the key development strategies for the structural upgrading and adjustment of traditional chemical industries, and their chemical i...
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  • The new product is on sale ~Can supply in large quantities

    The new product is on sale ~Can supply in large quantities

    Tetrahydrofuran English alias: THF; oxolane; Butane, alpha,delta-oxide; Cyclotetramethylene oxide; Diethylene oxide; Furan, tetrahydro-; Furanidine; 1, 2, 3, 4 – tetrahydro – 9 h – fluoren – 9 – one CAS no. : 109-99-9 EINECS no. : 203-726-8 Molecular formula: C...
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  • N,N-Dimethylaniline

    N,N-Dimethylaniline Also known as dimethyl tiphenylamine, colorless to light yellow oily liquid, with a pungent odor, easy to oxidize in the air or under the sun and use the ze darkened. Relative density (20 ℃ / 4 ℃) 0.9555, freezing point 2.0 ℃, boiling point 193 ℃, flash point (opening) 77 ℃, ...
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  • November import and export data is positive: overseas demand is recovering?

    The customs announced the import and export data for November. Among them, the monthly export in November increased by 21.1% year-on-year, the expected value was 12%, and the previous value increased by 11.4%, which continued to be better than market expectations. The core reason for this round o...
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  • Southeast Asia freight soaring!Ministry of Commerce!

    In recent months, due to the uneven global economic recovery, the sharp rebound of the epidemic in many parts of the world, and the arrival of traditional transport season such as Christmas and New Year, many European and American ports have become congested, but many Chinese ports are extremely ...
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