• Exclusive H acid price! ! ! !

    At present, the sales of chemical products in various countries can be said to be very impressive However, many customers are discouraged by the price due to shipping costs. As a strong industry and trade enterprise, we currently provide our customers with the most favorable price regarding H aci...
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  • Totally crazy!Violent pull up 13000 yuan/ton!Chemical raw materials to a new high!

    The chemical market is completely crazy! September, up! October, go up again! November, continue to rise! Chemical market upward momentum strong!Many raw materials have reached new highs! Who can think of, gold nine silver ten later, the chemical industry market under the traditional off-season i...
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  • A “box” is hard to find! Trailer drivers line up at the dock to pick up the container! Orders are scheduled until March next year! Order and cherish

    A “box” is hard to find! Trailer drivers line up at the dock to pick up the container! Orders are scheduled until March next year! Order and cherish

    Since the second half of this year, due to the heating up of the epidemic in Europe and the United States, the international logistics capacity has declined, leading to a surge in container ship freight rates. Under the background of tight capacity, the industry has frequently produced container ...
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  • The added value of chemical raw materials products increased by 8.8% year-on-year in October

    Data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on November 16 showed that in October, the value added of the industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 6.9% year-on-year in real terms, and the growth rate remained the same as in September. From a month-on-month perspective, in ...
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  • It took Eight years for China to join the world’s largest free trade zone.

    According to Xinhua news Agency, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) was officially signed on November 15 during the East Asia Cooperation Leaders’ meetings, marking the birth of the world’s largest free trade area with the largest population, the most diverse membe...
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  • Do you have space for your cargo?

    Do you have space for your cargo?

    Container shortage! An average of 3.5 boxes went out and only 1 came back! Foreign boxes cannot be stacked, but domestic boxes are not available. Recently, Gene Seroka, executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, said at a press conference, “Containers are accumulating in large numbers, and t...
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  • The logistics market at present

    As is known to all, the normal development of international trade and logistics has been disrupted by the epidemic.The demands of China’s export market is very strong now but there are also many problems in maritime market at the same time. Freight forwarders are facing the following problems: su...
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  • It’s hard to get a shipping space! ! !

    If the freight rate rises, a surcharge will be charged, and if the freight rate rises again, a surcharge will be charged. The adjustment of customs clearance fee has also come. HPL said that it will adjust the customs clearance fee from December 15th, and levy a surcharge for goods exported from ...
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  • Up crazy!Soar 13000 yuan!Basf and other giants send price increase letter!

    The chemical market is hot! The rise in the market in recent months has spread to A-shares, A – share chemical industry index hit A new high in nearly 5 years! Successfully become October, November A share industry price rise plate leader! At present, prices did not break, recently the mark...
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  • The exchange rate is 6.5, will it continue to rise?

    The exchange rate is 6.5, will it continue to rise?

    On November 17, 2020, the central parity of the RMB exchange rate in the inter-bank foreign exchange market was: 1 U.S. dollar to RMB 6.5762, an increase of 286 basis points from the previous trading day, reaching the 6.5 yuan era. In addition, the onshore and offshore RMB exchange rates against ...
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  • Blockbuster!China to join world’s largest FREE trade zone!

    The long-awaited Fourth Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement has finally taken a new turn.At a press briefing on The 11th of This month, our Ministry of Commerce officially announced that 15 countries have completed negotiations on all areas of the Fourth Regional Comprehensive E...
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  • A sudden!Another continuous explosion in a factory!Raw material prices “runaway” straight up!

    It’s not even halfway through November,Chemical workers were “blown up” by a leading factory accident. According to the incomplete statistics of Xiaobian, there have been four large chemical plant accidents in the last two weeks. This lets the raw material price that rises rapid...
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